Speaker Subject
6th January Diane Clement A Garden for All Seasons
3rd February Simon Gulliver The Oasis of Delight - Birmingham Botanic Gardens
2nd March Simon Gulliver Roses - history, breeding, pruning and placement
6th April Steven Edney Think Beyond the Flower - Perennials for Winter Structure and Seed Heads
4th May Robin Pearce Crazy Daisies - Exploring the World of Daisy Like Flowers
1st June Neil Timm Astride the Fence - Wild Flowers in the Garden - garden Escapes in the Wild
7th September Ingrid Millington Plant Hunting Holiday
5th October @ 2.30pm Janette Merilion Plants for Difficult Places
2nd November Howard Drury After the Rain, Snow and Drought - What Next for the Gardener
7th December Samantha Hopes Winter in Bloom

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